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Nitro Circus: BMX Quad flip!

Geplaatst: Wo 15 Jul 2015, 10:14
door Lander Vanderstraeten

Persbericht schreef:Only two athletes have ever landed a triple backflip on a BMX bike: Jed Mildon and James Foster. Nitro Circus started a video project called Revolution Day that tells the story of Jed and James' battle to become the first person in history to land a quadruple backflip. This competition between the two athletes played out over the course of nine months, culminating in Jed Mildon landing the quad at Travis Pastrana’s “Pastranaland” complex in Maryland, USA. Mildon was the first person to ever land a triple backflip on a BMX bike, and has now inserted himself in the history books with this quadruple backflip. Revolution Day was formatted into a 90-minute broadcast special aired by NBC in the U.S.A., however, we have cut it down into a 2 minute YouTube clip for the rest of the world to see.

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